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Pulmulier operates in various branches of the textile industry. In the field of apparel,it makes the production and wholesales in various product groups, including the lower and upper groups. Pulmulier Clothing brand, which generally focuses on international sales, started its activities also in Turkey in 2015, especially in the field of hijab clothing. Our main goal and intent is to deliver the highest quality and affordable products to our customers fastly and safely.

As the Pulmulier Clothing team, we started off with the principle of one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Our indispensable rules are to offer the privilege of feeling special with the current patterns to our customers by following the original designs, collections of qualified and comfortable fabrics, sustainable innovations and developments and to act in accordance with the consumer protection laws numbered 4077.

OUR VISION To deliver the highest quality and affordable products to our customers in a safe and fast way...

OUR MISSION Our very first mission is to offer our customers the privilege of being different with our current patterns by following innovations and developments with our indispensable rules, original designs, collections of quality and comfortable fabrics...




In terms of the strategy "Be a leader" : We mean to ensure planned, efficient, profitable development, human labor and career development of Pulmulier in international market and Turkey…

By saying BE QUALIFIED; To analyze the thoughts of our stakeholders well, especially our customers, in the first place, to raise our relations with them quickly, consistently and decisively, to always have the desire to increase their enthusiasm for perfectionism; It is to eliminate the elements that will prevent being coordinated, planned and analytical and to ensure that the necessary systems are prepared and established for their continuation. It means following and observing the financial and budget balance very closely.

TWO THINGS LEAVE YOU BEHİND: Indecision and helplessness

TWO THINGS ARE THE SECRET TO SUCCESS: Ustalardan ustalık öğrenmek, kendini yenilemek.

By saying BE INNOVATIVE; Knowing where our business is strategically, having a very good insight, giving importance to cooperation, being able to speed up processes and innovation being known and assumed by the highest level manager. To narrate a sustainable success in design, product, service, marketing, sales, after-sales support, redesign and product. Marketing strategies to create new resources for customer satisfaction, to provide businesses with the opportunity to implement different solutions and applications in order to gain superiority in the race. One of the concepts that deeply affect the globalizing business world is the phenomenon and process of change. There are four basic ways to innovate: Strategy, Process, Structure, and Skill. The way to overcome uncertainty in the business world full of uncertainties; is innovation.

OUR BASIC VALUES 1- To comply with universal business ethics, belief and personal freedom, and moral rules.
2- To be tolerant and respectful without discrimination. Learning from mistakes and being solution oriented.
3- To respect their own values, to adopt a sense of responsibility (Individual and Social Responsibility).
4- Using technology well to make things easier and faster... Seeing each department's job as their own.
5- Leaving things outside of his area of expertise to the specialist... Constantly updating himself. (to be open to innovation)
6- To base on learning business from superiors and teaching business to subordinates.
7- Complying with the confidentiality of preparing and keeping records... Meticulous protection of intellectual property, private and confidential information.
8- Work that uses or interferes with the time, organization, resources, or materials you need to dedicate to our company.
9- Making a difference to people: First class, second, not to recognize privileges.
10- Ability to report suspected violations of the code, law or policy to the Ethics Committee without fear.
11- Being in full compliance and compliance with the rules.
12- Sharing the problems with their superiors, not reporting to third parties. Protecting its own values and the values of the institution with great care.


The distribution of duties of the committees and the board of directors, the method of setting the meeting agenda;

- Members' rights and obligations,
- All members have voting rights,
- The obligation of the members of the Board of Directors to inform each other and the managers to the Board of Directors,
- Evaluation of the performance of the Board of Directors,
- Preparation and notification of graphics about the number of annual meetings and meeting planning...

Pulmulier Clothing Practises are based on the above rights and obligations.

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